The port facility consists of approximately 300 acres land available for industrial development, and a terminal in a turning basin with a modern concrete dock, a metal shed located on the dock, and a liquid cargo dock. The Colorado River Channel leading to the POBCA port facility is approximately 200 feet in width with an average depth of 12 feet.

The terminal shed located on the dock is of modern metal construction with open floor space on which to handle cargo. The shed is 100′ long by 80′ wide.

View of the liquid cargo dock, concrete dock, terminal shed, and low level heavy duty dock from across the turning basin.

Adjacent to the concrete dock is a liquid cargo dock with valves and pipeline connections.

The Port Authority has approximately 150 acres land available for industrial development. This property is ideally situated and may be leased on an attractive long term basis. Industries designed for substantial tonnage, both inbound and outbound are desirable.

The Port Turning Basin and Terminal Facility are located 15 miles upriver from the Colorado River Locks at the ICW. The turning basin is approximately 700 feet in length by 500 feet in width with an average depth of 12 feet.

Terminal shed, turning basin side, and concrete dock.
The low level dock was designed and built to off-load heavy pressure vessels moved on steering axles. It is one of the few such docks on the Gulf coast.
Matagorda Harbor is a marina located at Texas mile 440 on the ICW in the town of Matagorda and is operated by the Port of Bay City Authority.

The Terminal facility dock is a modern concrete dock, 200 foot long by 120 feet wide. The dock floor is an all-concrete hard surface, for the efficient operation of the modern materials handling equipment. The dock floor is 18 feet above mean low tide.